Twitter’s new feature enables users to find any tweet ever sent via PR Daily

Posted: Thursday, November 20th, 2014 @ 11:38 am
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Twitter Search

Did you know you can’t currently search all the tweets in Twitter’s seven-year history?

It was news to me—but now the service is making moves to rectify the situation. Twitter has been rolling out a new search service that allows you to search for any tweet among the half-trillion that have been posted in its history.

From Wired:

Though the new Twitter search engine is limited to rather rudimentary keyword searches today, the company plans to expand into more complex queries in the months and years to come. And the foundational search infrastructure laid down by the company will help drive other Twitter tools as well. “It lets us power a lot more things down the road—not just search,” says Gilad Mishne, the Twitter engineering director who helped oversee the project.

There are plenty of excuses why Twitter didn’t previously offer this function. For starters, the company’s engineering team isn’t very big. There’s also an unfathomable amount of data to store and access at moment’s notice.

But now the Twitter “firehose”—once available only to those who paid a third-party service—is available to penniless commoners like you and me.

Want to know how (and why) Twitter did it? Check out this comprehensive blog post from Twitter’s Yi Zhuang.

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