Our profile

Eclipse Public Relations has well over a decade of providing strategic communications for clients in a broad range of industries, from fashion to finance; cellular providers to cell-rejuvenating skin-care; tourism to trade-shows; construction to consumption.

Our philosophy is two-fold:

  • Devising creative and compelling PR campaigns in line with our clients’ strategic objectives and ultimate business goals
  • Implementing these innovative, eye-catching, PR initiatives to raise brand awareness, enhance brand positioning, and grow our client’s market share

We aspire to be the number one choice for our clients’ integrated communications and PR needs, and to make them the number one choice in their respective industries.

To stay number one with our clients, we practice the values of:

Commitment: Doing everything we can to consistently exceed expectations of our clients and colleagues.

Transparency: Being open and honest in all that we do and say we will do

Trust: Trusting each other in what we do and how we do it

Results: Measuring what we manage.

Partnerships: Building collaborative, mutually beneficial relationships.

Passion: Being passionate about what we do and the people we do it with

We value what we do for our clients and how we do it.


Global winner of the brand building award: Innovation in Holistic Marketing
Cincinnati, November 2007
(campaign was up against Hugo Green Globally and Gillette “Young Guns” USA)

Winner of Innovation in Holistic Marketing – Procter & Gamble
Central Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
Geneva, April 2007